A collection of some of my favourite photographs I have taken over the years. I will update this as I go along. Some of the images will feature in some of the posts on the site, and some will not. I hope you enjoy.


A collection of images from various European countries I have visited.


Vacation Time! Updated

It was time for a Summer Vacation. This time the destination was Poland via France and Germany.After a short boat journey from my home island of Jersey, we arrived in St. Malo France. After a 2 hour drive, we arrived in Caen, just for a night stop. Caen seems to be a lovely town and would like to visit again.

Early on the next morning after a lovely breakfast at the Hotel, we set off to Germany, an approx 6 an 1/2 hour drive, which due to some inclement weather and various stops ended up being around 9 hours.

Once arrived at our destination in Hagen Germany we met with some friends for the evening. The next morning after our goodbyes, we set off for Poland, and the city of Szczecin.

Above the Port of Szczecin.
A gorgeous historical port with the National Museum and Town Hall as a back drop.
My girlfriend and I spent a few days in the city, below are a few photos from that time.

Above, Emerald Lake, which was formed from a flooded mine.

Above a couple of images from one of the many beautiful churches in the City.

The City of Szczecin, is beautiful. A typical city, busy with lots to see and do, we were only there for a week before heading on, a week is not long enough to see everything so another trip is planned. Below a few photos from this beautiful city.

The Beautiful Park

More photos on my Smug Mug site,