La Corbiere

La Corbiere Lighthouse is sited on Jersey’s South-west point. Built in 1874 it was the first Lighthouse in the British Isles to be built of concrete.

I went out one late afternoon to take in the view on what was a fairly calm day.

La Corbiere Lighthouse Jersey.
Causeway. The Lighthouse is situated on a Tidal Island which is linked via a causeway at low tide.
An alarm sounds to warn visitors to clear the causeway as the tide rises.
The cottage at the top of the slipway, was once occupied by the keeper of the lighthouse.

At the top of the headland is a range-finding tower that the German occupying forces built during the.
The tower has 7 floors, including the top floor, which was an originally the flat roof. The top floor is now enclosed with a new roof and glazing. It provides a 360° view out over Jersey’s south-west tip.

Once used as a radio tower, it is now used as holiday accommodation which people may rent out.
A calm day on the sea at Corbiere. The sea can be very rough at this point of the Island.
A large rock in the foreground is one of many around the area.


Sand Dunes

A few photos from my morning walk on the dunes.

Mono Collection

It’s been a while since my last post, a lot has happened in my life since then. I am now back with a view to posting more often. I’m always inspired by a lot of the blogs that I see on here. So for this post I thought I would show some photos that I took last summer, the one that was, for Jersey at least very warm.

I have always had an interest in photography, and I hope you enjoy these few images, presented in mono.  As always, I love feedback. Enjoy!

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