A collection of some of my favourite photographs I have taken over the years. I will update this as I go along. Some of the images will feature in some of the posts on the site, and some will not. I hope you enjoy.


Vacation Time! Updated

It was time for a Summer Vacation. This time the destination was Poland via France and Germany.After a short boat journey from my home island of Jersey, we arrived in St. Malo France. After a 2 hour drive, we arrived in Caen, just for a night stop. Caen seems to be a lovely town and would like to visit again.

Early on the next morning after a lovely breakfast at the Hotel, we set off to Germany, an approx 6 an 1/2 hour drive, which due to some inclement weather and various stops ended up being around 9 hours.

Once arrived at our destination in Hagen Germany we met with some friends for the evening. The next morning after our goodbyes, we set off for Poland, and the city of Szczecin.

Above the Port of Szczecin.
A gorgeous historical port with the National Museum and Town Hall as a back drop.
My girlfriend and I spent a few days in the city, below are a few photos from that time.

Above, Emerald Lake, which was formed from a flooded mine.

Above a couple of images from one of the many beautiful churches in the City.

The City of Szczecin, is beautiful. A typical city, busy with lots to see and do, we were only there for a week before heading on, a week is not long enough to see everything so another trip is planned. Below a few photos from this beautiful city.

The Beautiful Park

More photos on my Smug Mug site,

Plemont Bay.

Situated on the North West Coast of Jersey, Plemont Bay is gorgeous.

Protected by high cliffs the crescent shaped bay offers golden sand, rock pools and ideal waters for swimming, surfing or just spending time to relax. I spent a couple of hours exploring the bay with my girlfriend on a gorgeous sunny day.

If you visit the island, the bay is well worth a visit, and don’t forget the cafĂ© on the way back up.

The walk down to the bay is steep but, the view is fantastic, at the bottom of the short walk are a few steps which will take you down to the bay.

Once onto the beach, if it’s low tide then you will be greeted by golden sand to enjoy, there are rock pools and cave’s also, however be aware of possible rock fall by the caves and also be aware of the incoming tide.

Below, a close up of a Rock formation.

There are so many images to create while in the bay, this sand pattern caught my eye whilst walking along.

As you come onto the beach at the right hand side of the steps you can walk around to some imposing caves. You can enter the cave part of the way but be careful as there are large stones and boulders that can be slippery after the tide has gone out.

Walking up to and into the caves you are greeted by some amazing rocks and cliffs, there is also a waterfall!

A beautiful waterfall. Thank you mother Nature!

Below, inside the caves, you can hear the ocean from inside the caves, it’s so magical.

Perfect sunny day for taking photos!

I took the image below, at the end of our walk, most of the beach goers had headed home and there were just a few remaining on the beach.

Soon the tide would be in and the beach would take on a different view.

Mono Collection

It’s been a while since my last post, a lot has happened in my life since then. I am now back with a view to posting more often. I’m always inspired by a lot of the blogs that I see on here. So for this post I thought I would show some photos that I took last summer, the one that was, for Jersey at least very warm.

I have always had an interest in photography, and I hope you enjoy these few images, presented in mono.  As always, I love feedback. Enjoy!

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Tour around Jersey part 1.

Sometimes, it can be hard to write a blog. Not knowing what to write or show.

So for this, I thought I would take you on a tour of Jersey, my home, the small southerly Island that although only 45 square miles packs a lot in. The plan for this first post, I thought I would take you to the Sand Dunes.

The Sand dunes, or ‘the dunes’ as I call them are a unique habitat due in part to the important flora and fauna they contain and are very sensitive and highly threatened habitats throughout Europe. The Sand Dunes in St.Ouens Bay Jersey are protected by an SSI (site of special Interest).

Below are a few images that I took on a short walk.  The lone tree in the distance is always a good marker to aim for when you start a walk on the dunes as you can see it from the car park. You can see St.Ouens Bay in the distance.


The images below, just a couple of the colourful plants that you can find on the dunes.


I love how the above plant looks against the blue sky. The image below, be prepared for some hard walking, the dunes can take it out of you with some of the paths being steep with shifting sands.

A walkers paradise, no matter what time of year. I have been walking these dunes for years, either with my dogs, my family or just on my own to explore and think. If you are lucky enough to visit the dunes on a day like this, then you will see this part of our special Island of Jersey in all of it’s natural beauty.

Thank you.