Afternoon Walk

Gorgeous Giffard Bay on Jerseys North Coast. The Sun was finally shining this afternoon, so grabbed the camera and decided to pay a visit to Giffard Bay on the North Coast of Jersey. I spent many times as a child exploring the bay and have happy memories of those times. The walk down can be challanging and the walk back up will test your legs!!.

But once you are down there in the bay it’s worth it.


Central Market

The Central Market in St. Helier Jersey is closed on a Sunday, I took this image from the French Lane entrance. I love the emptiness in the image. The Central Market is a wonderful place to visit if you are in Jersey. Colourful and vibrant this Victorian market is very much a part of Jersey’s history. Inside you will find colourful flower stalls, Fruit & Veg stalls, local butchers cafes and more.

It changes it’s appearance throughout the year, from January through to Christmas.




Jersey Zoo

A gorgeous but cold Saturday, so I decided to spend a couple of hours at Jersey Zoo, and start building a collection of images to put on my website,

I think though it was a bit cold for the animals as most of them were indoors so another visit is planned. It is though worth a visit to see the fantastic work that Durrell do.