Sand Dunes

A few photos from my morning walk on the dunes.


3 thoughts on “Sand Dunes

  1. What lovely images you’ve captured, Simon! I especially like the one with the tall grasses in the foreground — although that black-and-white one is worthy of framing as well. And are those charming dogs yours? It’s funny how they’re so different, and yet almost identical in color.


    • Hi Heide, Thank you so much for your lovely kind words. It makes me so happy. I am in the process of choosing images to frame and will cosider the black and white image. Yes the dogs are mine, the Chocolate Labrador is Jenson and the smaller mix is Alfie.


      • You’re very welcome for the kind words, Simon — they’re well deserved! And thank YOU for the (virtual) introduction to your charming dogs. They both remind me of dogs I’ve loved (Zip and Raisin, belonging to two different friends). How lucky you are to have such affable companions on your strolls!


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