Tour around Jersey Part 2

As part of my tour around this beautiful Island I call home, I ventured down to St.Ouen’s Bay. The tide was on the drop and it had been a beautiful day.

The sun was still up, and the bay was as usual looking gorgeous. I spent a short time down the bay and took the following images.


Listening to the sound of the ocean while taking the above image reminded me of my time spent in the bay as a child. Those long summer days and evenings on the beach or across the way exploring the sand dunes.


The Image below was taken earlier in the day, before the tide came in.


Below, I had to capture an image of this runner in the late evening sun. A great place to walk or run and take in the amazing view.


The three images below show the work that is happening in order to stabilise the dunes.

The sun was casting it’s light onto the wooden post’s and it just showed the texture beautifully.


5 thoughts on “Tour around Jersey Part 2

      1. I live in Whyalla, South Australia. I don’t know if you would call it exactly beautiful, but it is okay. If you want to see photos, you can google in Whyalla, South Australia, Australia and photos will come up.


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