A walk on the East Coast

Another gorgeous day in Jersey, so I decided to head out for a walk on the East coast of the Island with my camera in hand. I decided to start from the Royal Bay Of Grouville which is also known as  Long Beach, it’s a beautiful bay with Gorey Castle at the Northern end of the bay, its perfect for long summer days and ideal for watersports. From there I made my way around to Archirondel via Gorey Harbour & Castle.

Long Beach

Along the way I stopped off at the Gorey Gardens, to take in the view of the bay and take a couple of photos of the various flowers on display. They really are starting to burst into colour.

East Coast Flowers

Gorey Harbour sits beneath Gorey Castle, in the 1800’s Gorey Harbour served the local Oyster boats, these days it’s home to smaller fishing craft and private yachts.

Along the pier there are local bars and restaurants to enjoy local food and drink while taking in the views. On a clear day the French coast is visable.

Gorey Gardens

Just a small part of the gorgeous Gorey Gardens with the harbour in the background, when the tide is in the harbour takes on a very different beautiful look.

Gorey Gardens Boat

Walking along the promenade visitors will come across this delightful small boat which has been used a flower bed! I love this image as you have the castle in the background along with a view of the once fishermen’s cottages.

Jersey Flag

A local flag flies proudly with the castle in the background.

Gorey Castle Stone

A huge piece of Jersey Granite, with the origins of the name inscribed. It has been called different names in the past with the more familiar name of Gorey dating back to the 1330’s.

Gorey Castle

An imposing view of the ramparts of the castle taken from the castle green below. If you visit Jersey, the castle is well worth a visit. The views from the top on a clear day are breath taking.

Secret Path

A short walk from the castle green lies a well covered path which leads to a small cove.

I can remember as a child walking down this path to go fishing with my father and grandfather, this day that I was there brought back wonderful memories of those times.

Quiet Cove

This is the cove that the pathway leads to, a beautifully quiet spot on the east coast. Sitting beneath Gorey Castle it’s a beautiful spot to take in the view or to just sit and think!


Just a few feet from the steps on the beach, I came across these beautiful wild flowers growing near the rock face. A perfect combination of natures softness against the hard rock face.

Sea Bird

This little chap seemed to be happy bathing in the Spring sunshine.

Gorey Flowers

Walking back up the pathway to the green, I noticed these gorgeous white flowers, spring really has arrived!


After leaving Gorey, a short drive brings you to Archirondel Bay. Again, this is a bay that I spent many happy times at as a child. The colours in the sand caught my eye so I had to include it in the photo of the Tower. The tower was built in 1792 and was used as a garrison for the artillery soldiers. Today it is used as a holiday let and can sleep up to 10 people.

This for the time being, ends my short walk around this beautiful part of Jersey, in the distance you can see the breakwater arm of St. Catherines, this will be the next part of my eastern explore to follow..

6 thoughts on “A walk on the East Coast

  1. I really love the flowers. Who came up with the idea of putting flowers in that boat? It’s really neat! I envy you as we are stuck in the the last month of Autumn right now and soon are going to be in Winter.


    1. Hi Rachael, thank you so much for your lovely comments. The flowers in the Boat I think was thought up by the people who look after the gardens. I hope you had a great summer, although I’m guessing that your Autumn wiĺl be as warm as our summer.

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