Liberation Day 2018 Jersey

Today we mark an important day in our year. We mark the 73rd anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands from the occupation of Nazi Germany during the second world war. Every year this day is celebrated by the Islanders and visitors to the Island


Three Chelsea Pensioners march down towards the parade arena.


The Union Flag and the Jersey Flag are flown from the old Tourist building in an re-enactment of that day in 1945 when the first British Troops arrived.


A member of the Band of the Island of Jersey performs in the Royal Square.


Islanders gather in the May sunshine to enjoy the celebrations.


Musical entertainment provided by the Optimistic Voices.

Lib 1

Islanders young and old join in the celebrations, it is so important that the Island’s carry on this tradition and celebration so that future generations understand why.


Flags ready for the parade.


A light hearted moment before the parade.


Crowds are entertained in the Royal Square by the Band of the Island of Jersey.


The young islanders ready for parade.


Young members of the Cadet forces proudly stand outside the Royal Court building.


Members of the Pipe band prepare in the sunshine.


Band of the Island of Jersey


Standard Bearers.


Young islanders re-enact.


And our dear Channel Islands are also to be freed today.

May 9th 1945. We must never forget that day, as so many gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedom we have today. We will never forget them.

5 thoughts on “Liberation Day 2018 Jersey

  1. Hooray! How wonderful that Jersey continues to mark this important day, Simon — and how wonderful especially to see so many young people participating. As you say, we must never forget … nor must we ever stop honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I really enjoyed your narrative and beautiful photos. Thank you for letting me (virtually) tag along!


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